Monday, May 31, 2010

Red, White and Blue

Even if you don't support war or agree with the reasoning of it, you still need to support the troops. As an American, it is part of our duty to give our respect to all those who serve in our military. I don't care if you think they should or shouldn't be over there, the fact is; they are following orders and are over there fighting. It's a fact. If you don't support our troops, you can wave the US goodbye and get out.

On a day like Memorial Day we need to remember all those brave soldiers who died fighting for the USA. Take a moment of silence to remember and thank them for the service they did for our amazing country.

So thank you, and God bless the troops.

Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Until death do we part...

So last week, I was again sitting in Children's Lit, and my teacher AGAIN went off on one of his crazy and usually pointless tangents (this class should be a life lessons or life philosophy class or something, not children's lit) and his topic of the conversation was marriage.

Now, as a side note, marriage seems to be a popular topic with teachers in college. I don't know what it is about marriage but they all seem to want to impart their "wisdom" upon us and they all think they're experts. One of my teachers had a very bad divorce. He's a lawyer so all his classes usually involved some story about his ex wife and how much he hated her but they were at least directed towards whatever lesson he was teaching and were usually funny. You could never tell if he was serious or not (he prob was serious, which is scary) but it still was slightly entertaining. He felt so strongly that marriage was stupid and that women were trouble, blah, blah, blah...

Another teacher I had, also hated marriage. He'd been married for many years, had kids, then realized he hated his wife and got divorced. Nice, huh? He's so bitter that now he totally bashes on marriage and says its the worst decision he ever made in his entire life. He wasn't funny when he talked about marriage, in fact it was pretty offensive (and I don't get offended easily ha). Anyways, he felt that he was an expert on marriage and so he loved to talk about it all the time.

This brings us finally to my Child Lit teacher. However, unlike the other two teachers, he has been happily married for almost 34 years. So this particular class period, he went off on marriage and how much work it is. Isn't that the line we always hear? It takes work? Well let me just add in a huge DUH here. Um, HELLO, of course marriage requires work. But I also think that if it requires the kind of work that isn't enjoyable then its probably not the right marriage. Anyways, this brings us to my point of this entire blog and what I wanted to address. He said that his parents were divorced and that until he got married he didn't see himself as the marriage type. He barely knew his wife before he asked her to marry him, in fact he was only 20 when he proposed. That's crazy! But also awesome. He told us all this and then talked about how different society is today, and how divorce rates are high and people are getting married later or not at all. Now for me that is a very sad thought. I want to get married someday. Sometimes I think I'm terribly old fashioned like that. I'm a hopeless romantic too so that doesn't help matters that I live in a society where hook ups and divorce run rampant.

Some girl raised her hand in class when he was done talking and said "well in society now a days, a job is more of a guarantee then marriage." Isn't that sad?? When people are more focused on themselves and earning money and their career then in finding someone to spend the rest of their life with and have a family? Ha, I told you I was old fashioned haha. I'm all for having a career and a job but whats the point if you don't have anyone to share it with? That would be so lonely, especially if the job was something you were only mildly interested in.

Another kid raised his hand a few minutes later and brought up one of the best points I think I have ever heard and something that i've been thinking about lately. He said that these days people have the tendency to only see the short term. In college we are always focused on JUST GETTING THROUGH "this week," JUST getting PAST "this midterm" or "this final." But the minute we get past them, there's something else we have to "get past." It's a vicious cycle because after college it'll be "let me just get this promotion, or this job and THEN i'll start looking for a partner or whatever" but then you get that job or promotion and its something else like "let me just get past this deadline and THEN i'll do blank..." Putting things off until you "have time"

I always thought that living in the moment was a good thing, and I still think it does hold some truth. But I think that living in the moment and living to get through something are different. However when put into that kind of perspective where we're constantly just trying to "get through" things made me think about how I want to prioritize my life. His point was in reference to marriage, that people are so focused on getting a job first and then finding someone. And sometimes that is a smart thing to do, because you need to find someone that fits into your life...but I'm not always sure that's the best way to go. What if you wait too long? It's so easy to get caught up life and get so caught up in the flow of life and you don't LIVE life. If that makes sense.

I'm actually not entirely sure what my point was of this post, in fact its more just a discussion, but here are some random points about what I believe in, just in case I was a little wishy washy.

1. I think teachers preaching about marriage is awful. I instantly lose respect for them and if I wanted marriage advice i'd go to someone who's qualified, not someone who has their degree in Law or Finance or even Children's Lit. You may have experience, but I'm not here to listen to you bitch about your ex wife and how awful marriage is, I can experience these things on my own, thanks.

2. I'm not one of those people with a strict life plan in place. I want to get married and have a family tho. In fact, I'd prefer it to a job. Again, old fashioned...

3. Everything happens for a reason. If it hasn't happen yet, its not the right time.

4. Balance your life.

5. Work hard, but work hard on enjoying life too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little More You

I'm obsessed with this song right now. It's really cute :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do what you what you do.

So today in my Children's Lit class, the teacher was rambling on as usual (he likes to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Child's Lit) and he started talking about his oldest son. He said that when his son was younger, my teacher knew that he was supposed to pursue being a professional musician. He didn't have a choice because he was just that good and because his overall happiness in life would diminish if he did anything else. His father was right, the son tried to pursue a business degree and after two years decided that it wasn't for him and went on to do absolutely great things with music and that is where he is today.

But what struck me about the story was that my teacher said that you shouldn't do something you don't absolutely love because your soul will be damaged. You need to find something that you enjoy doing. It made me think because I have always thought about this. My family has told me this countless times that I need to find something I love and regardless of everything, do it and just go for it because i'll be happy. I know that what I am doing right now is not making me happy. (Well, what I'm studying isn't. School doesn't always make me happy, but I know that its needed regardless and after I'm done, I'll still have plenty of time to pursue whatever I want.)

Business does not float my boat. Its practical, yes, but I have no desire to pursue it after college which leaves me wondering what do I want to do after I graduate? It comes back to what my teacher said, find something that satisfies your soul. For me, that could be many things and there are a lot of ideas that have gone through my mind at one point or another. Things such as; relationship counselor, school teacher, something to do with wolves, writer, photographer, children's book illustrator/ name a few. These things would probably not make me a lot of money but they would make me very happy.

Anyways, I thought it was interesting and made me think about my future. Scary but exciting and while life isn't always easy, its time where you don't know what you're doing that sometimes are the best of times because they allow you to open doors you may not have thought about before.

And, I've decided to do a picture of the day kinda thing. Today the picture is dedicated the weather outside. It's just the way I like it, cloudy and rainy :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Post :)

So before I begin, I got inspired by a friend of mine, Jesse Madera, to start a blog of my own. He has an amazing blog that I love to read from time to time. You can find it HERE, incase you want to have a look as well. I recommend it, Jesse is awesome!

Okay, so, I love writing and used to write all the time. I have notebooks at home filled with scribbling. Everything from poems to short stories to novels. The problem with my writing is I’ve never finished anything. Well, the poems and short stories, sometimes, but I’ve never finished one of my novels and I probably have started around 30 or even more, in my lifetime.

This also includes blogs, because I’ve tried to start blogging and I’ve failed multiple times. Usually its because I don’t know what to write about, or because no one reads it, or just because I simply have never been able to stick with something for long periods of time, like writing everyday in a blog or finishing a novel. But this time I hope its different because writing to me is one of the best stress relievers EVER. Probably only second to a hard work out.

And speaking of stress relievers, I’ve decided that’s going to be the first topic I talk about.

It’s fitting because I have been very, very stressed out lately. So here are my top 10 stress relieving activities. (Rated PG of course) ;)

1. Working out.

I love to lose myself in a workout, my music and I can spend a few hours at the gym easily.

2. Reading.

I love losing myself in a book!

3. Writing.

Getting out everything that I’m thinking, no matter how silly, always helps.

4. Being out in nature.

Its calming and peaceful and doesn’t demand anything from you. Nature just lets you Be.

5. Cuddling with my dog.

Dogs are good listeners and of course, they are proven to help people relieve stress, aka therapy dogs.

6. Listening to music.

Depending on my mood, there is always a fitting song.

7. Watching a movie.

Relaxing to a movie is almost as good as a book, almost.

8. Eating.

Eh, probably shouldn’t do this when I’m stressed but chocolate usually helps.

9. Shopping.

Probably shouldn’t do this either but buying a new pair of shoes or a new eye shadow when I’m stressed makes me feel better.

10. Drinking.

Now, I’m not saying be an alcoholic, but if all else fails, a glass of wine is my final weapon against stress.

I think that so often people don't know how to lessen their stress. In this fast world that we live in we need to remember to take time to slow down, take a break and recharge. Sometimes the fastest speed isn't always the best speed because the faster you go, the more things you'll miss and the more you'll forget to enjoy.

So slow down, look around and take a deep breath and let the stress melt away.